Janus Stern

Age: 16

Janus is the young ward of Mordecai Grimsby. Unlike most boys of his age and status, Janus does not attend school. He is tutored by Grimsby and his summon Stolas who teach him all manners of practical things save for how to summon a demon of his own.


King of Hell

The white haired demon was discovered by Janus roaming the streets of Portseve without being tethered to a human master. Little is known as to his reasons for traversing the human village.

Mordecai Grimsby

Age: 37

Lord Grimsby was born into the household of the Blessed Lady which long held claim to the land around Portseve. He is known more for his scholarly pursuits than his social graces. Grimsby is also the acting magistrate for the county.


Prince of Hell

Stolas was summoned by Lord Grimsby during his final year in school and has remained by his side ever since. He assists the Lord in his daily responsibilities but is often called upon to keep an eye upon Janus.

Jason Baine

Age: 40

Jason Baine is a self-proclaimed childhood friend of Lord Grimsby. He has spent the past decade traveling around the continent and the Orient as a musician. Constantly surrounded in a cloud of smoke, the secretive man has come to Portseve for more than just a visit.