Riven Seal is a Victorian fantasy webcomic set in a world where magic has replaced technology and the advent of demon summoning has caused massive social and economic changes. While the story hosts a large cast of characters, a young man named Janus lies at the center of web of fate that connects them all. His encounter with a unbound demon will bring about a series of trials, dangers and magic that has not been seen in centuries.


Julie Wright

Julie Wright graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2009 with a degree in Illustration and has been working on comics ever since. She has provided colors for Lora Innes’s “The Dreamer” and Skipper Martin’s “The Goblin Chronicles”. She was brought on as the primary penciler for the webcomic “Snow by Night” in 2014 and has most recently produced a short story for Alex Woolfons’s “The Young Protectors”.


ama is an academic, not a traditionally trained artist. She has her B.A and M.A in Asian studies and has spent over seven years working and conducting research in Japan. However, much of her free time is dedicated to art and collaborating with Julie on Riven Seal. She is also excited to be producing a short story for the anthology Vertoscope. Her current goal is to be invited to play on TableTop.