This page features one of my favorite panels to date- a painting of a young Grimsby and Jason. There is a rather involved backstory between the two that we have explored primarily in print. Both printed versions of the first chapter and the first volume go into some detail. I think it’s worth mentioning here.

-World Building-
To paraphrase, Jason was an orphaned ward of the local church Grimsby’s mother once frequented. The two boys become close friends and he was practically adopted after saving Grimsby’s life. However, their bond crumbled during their time at university. Jason fell in with the wrong crowd and disappeared after graduation. This is the first the two have seen of each other in almost two decades.

Thank you to all the returning readers! It’s been wonderful to see you didn’t entirely give up on the story. As promised, the two page a week schedule will continue with the restart of Chapter 5.

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