This page may feel familiar. Some of the dialogue comes from the original introduction. However, it was decided that the cliched dream sequence would be nixed and replaced with a history lesson. That way everyone gets a brief primer on the world of Riven Seal. I’m much happier with this introduction and I hope you are too. There are still a few more pages to go! Plans to restart Chapter 5 have been made and February will bring the new pages.

Thank you so much for your support as we reboot the comic. It means a lot. We’ve also been making small changes to the website. Expect a link to the store to go up soon in the right sidebar. Also, we’d love to get feedback in regards to Patreon and Top Webcomics. Do you use either? Would you like to see more done with one over the other or both? For now we are focused on getting out pages, but there will be more to give~