Janus has come up with the next course of action to find the recently illusive Mr.Baine. Beleth does his half-hearted “best” to warn the boy but Janus is too eager to make their way to the docks. Will he find Mr.Baine there? Or someone else who might have some information?

Amanda is currently still in Japan and is working on her archeological dig. Because her internet is poor and due to a lack of time, I Julie, have taken the next couple of pages into my own hands. If you notice the stylistic change that is due to me optimizing on time. This style will make it easier for me to get you guys pages and it will be how Chapter 6 will look fully. We hope you enjoy it!

Matsuricon is this weekend! So if you are in Columbus Ohio, be sure to come by and visit us! We will have our usual wears of both fandom and original alongside with some new additions. At the end of the month we will also be at Saikoucon in Bethlehem Pennsylvania!

As a note to the Kickstarter preparations, we are close to finishing up finalizing the designs for the trinkets. We’ve almost achieved a comprehensive design for the tarot cards as well (Once we get that down, it should be easy to go through all the cards as we have all the sketches prepped). Chapter 3 and 2 are fully edited (With some new art and dialogue!) and we are moving to a post thumbnail phase for the re-introduction of Chapter 1. We thank you all for being so patient!