It’s hard to think on your feet when a soldier for the crown is that close. Let’s hope Janus will be able to come up with something before Magnus figures out what is going on!

Amanda and I would like to thank you all for your support on the Kickstarter! At the end we were able to raise $13,603 and were 139% funded! We reached our first stretch goal of foil accents and french flaps for the cover and prematurely unlocked our second stretch goal, a tarot card deck! We couldn’t have done this without your pledges and support for the project.

That being said, some of you have been asking if the volume and tarot decks are still available now that the campaign is over. Amanda and I will most likely take preorders in our Storenvy since we feel our numbers just don’t warrant using fulfillment services. We will post updates on our social media once we are able to finalize a listing!