Amanda and I have much news to share with you all! We’re finally back from AwesomeCon (Welcome new readers!) and with a new comic page for your enjoyment. We start off our chapter with our resident soldiers of the Duchess Gabriella, who have been given a specific set of assignments to complete. Like most of the time Magnus is quick to throw in the towel while Eirik reevaluates the facts. Look out Mr.Baine, you’re on that list. Like we mentioned before the rebranding Amanda will be doing Chapter 5 while Julie works on Chapter 6, I hope you appreciate her take on the characters!

Onto Kickstarter news! We’re not even a week into the Kickstarter and we are already at 50% funded! This means the world to the two of us as creators! We want you to be able to get physical book in your hands alongside with a bunch of other cool rewards! If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter yet, what are you waiting for? you can get some great things like demon teas,original art,charms and even a chance to appear in the comic! To top it all off we also have the wonderful Lora Innes doing a short story with Jason and Janus! Check out her webcomic, “The Dreamer“!

Be sure to head on over and check out the campaign and even if you don’t have the money right away, a like,share and a comment will help us out TONS.

Thanks so much! We can’t do this without your support!