Tempest, Page 11. End!

Salila finds Janus on her way to the drop off point and the package is revealed, a simple violin case. Mr.Paix greets the young man before hastily making his way into a carriage. The rain has stopped and gives way to sunny skies, leaving Janus perplexed as to what just transpired. Now, what’s inside of the case? This concludes our first mini story and we would like to thank Shae for being apart of it. You can check out their tumblr!

Short Hiatus
With the end of the short story, we’d like to bring everyone up to speed on future updates for the comic. After much discussion, Amanda and Julie have decided that the website and some of the elements of the comic need to be re-addressed. We take your commentary to heart and we want to provide the best experience we can offer. That being said, we’re going to be on a short hiatus while we address these issues. We’ll still be updating our patreon and our tumblr feeds with new content so you’ll still have something new to see throughout this time period. We thank you for your continual patience and support for the project, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

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