Betrayal before agreement.

Astaroth did not take kindly to Eliza’s rejection. Though can anyone really blame her?

Sorry for the slow updates, we’ve been prepping for Nijicon and Locust Moon Festival that will be happening in Philly these next two weeks. We’ll be bringing a new mini comic featuring Beleth and a sensitive part of his past. So be sure to stop by and pick that up! We’ll be having a very small run of these books.

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  • JC

    Yay update! So happy to see this. Absolutely love the colour of the magics. A little nit-pick: the demon seems to be missing the neck ornament in the first panel that appears in the third panel.

    • LesserKeyStudios

      Thanks for spotting the continuity error! (And the magic- we spent more time bickering about the look of the magic than keeping an eye on things like the necklace ;3 )

      • JC

        That was a quick fix! Thanks for being open to comments about stuff like that. :)