Hey everyone, we wanted to say thank you for all your input! It is fantastic to know so many of you are so supportive and are being very patient with our rebranding process. That being said, we’re carefully considering everyone’s commentary regarding the site layout and the title of the comic itself. For now I have an updated version of the website for you all to oogle at. It’s still a work in progress as we want to ensure it’s quality before we go live. The logo still needs to go into the header and we’re still tweaking with our victorian pattern that will run in the background.

We have a confirmed web developer to help us with the coding of the site, Steph Stober from Final Arcanum. If you’re looking for another comic to read while you’re waiting for us to start up chapter 5, be sure to check her beautiful webcomic out!

We also would like to unveil our Beleth ad, who harkens back to chapter 2 in showing the form that he takes to suit Janus and the form that truly fits a king of hell within the shards of glass. Let us know what you think!

Amanda and I hope you are all excited as we are about the new changes that are coming!


  • samspam1026

    Ohmygosh the ad looks great! Keep up the good work!

  • Lady Courage

    The ad is gorgeous! The new site is pretty! Everything is looking fabulous as it comes together!!

  • Leafy

    Ahh! The ad is awesome! Now i want a computer background like that!
    And the highlights on the new site layout look great! They really add to it and give it life. :) Can’t wait and see how it looks when it’s finally finished!

  • LoLo Mersea

    Oh man, the Beleth ad is awesome!!! Love it :D The highlights definitely give the layout a more full look, more dimension (more “life” indeed); I like it!

  • DrCrazy102

    Looks really good, especially with the more simplistic header of the site. I always felt there was too much happening, but you’ve kept the same feel with a lot less (i hate to call it this but can’t think of anything else, pls don’t hate me) “clutter” of arcane objects. And the ad … LOOKS GREAT!
    So, on a side-note, to help some of my personal confusion, Ianua (current title) is changing to Turning Key?